Leslie Shapiro, founder of Shapiro Joyal has helped bridge the gap between architects and interior designers. Shapiro Joyal has a stamp of handcrafted modern elegance which has been the best-kept secret in the Los Angeles creative community. We helped create an elevated rebrand for Shapiro Joyal that evoked the elegance and luxe nature of the furniture systems they create. 


The type system leans on CoFo Robert, a unique slab serif which helps bridge the gap between the vertical and horizontal linear planes used within the furniture and bringing it to life systematically.


The type system leans on Platform, a quirky and bold typeface to evoke a unique personality to the campaign and play off the exisiting brand type system.

Client: Shapiro Joyal
Brand Strategy: R&CO
Creative Direction & Design: MadePossible
Photography: Deborah Jaffe

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